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Win by reading cards

Winning Techniques in Blackjack by reading cards

To be honest, blackjack is a game that uses quite a lot of cards in each game, approximately 6-8 decks. But the higher the number of cards used, of course, does not mean the chances of winning. There will be a lot of because in the end In each game there must be someone who loses. and the one who always wins But if you want to be a winner In addition to experience, techniques are always subject to practice. especially the easiest technique. And can be used for all types of betting, such as learning to read the cards. The more you need to have some. because at least In addition to defeating You will read the face and the behavior of others in the band that how are they In playing this game and for winning techniques in blackjack games by reading cards on the blackjack table not as difficult as you think Because it can be done easily as follows:

Pair 10 and Pair 6 are strictly prohibited to separate.

always remember that This game only requires the person with the highest point of 21. If you have two high hand cards like J,Q,K with 10 points in your hand at the same time, chances of losing are very low. In addition to the dealer will have a total of 21, which is very difficult to happen, in fact, what you need to remember is that if the points are closer to 21, the more you should not split,

and for 6 pairs of cards, the same is strictly prohibited because As soon as you discard a card, if someone else takes it, your total may be 21 straight away. To get a point close to 21 only, without having to immediately discard

Double Town’s hand if there are 10 or 11 in hand.

Although it is a risk But if there are high cards in hand and don’t ask for more money It’s a bad opportunity Because if you have a high card in your hand, the chances are very small to the maximum that the dealer will have more points than you. and calling for that high In addition to affecting your wallet. It also had a psychological effect on the other players at the table, causing those people to worry. and decides to discard the cards And the money itself. Just like this, your chances of earning more money have increased.

The advantage of betting on blackjack games is that you only know the cards in your hand while the others. I almost can’t read that. What are your points? which of course that we don’t know what other people have They tend to create anxiety for them as well. But that might be good for people who are more sedentary. and studied more like you