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The most popular types of poker games

The most popular types of poker games

After you know how to play poker basics. Knowing the main types of poker is very important for a newbie gambler. Poker is a game that can be played in a variety of ways. and are named according to different sub-games for each game The game formats that most people are popular are as follows.


texas hold’em 

is it the most popular type of game played by players? For a poker game, it is very easy to learn how to play the game. Players are dealt two cards in their hands, mixed with a pool. Whoever is the biggest or surrenders the entire table wins the hand.



The popular games try to descend from the aforementioned format. Players are dealt 4 cards in their hand, with the same rules as all texas hold ’em.


stud,razz,card draw,hi/lo,h.o.r.s.e

A type of poker that uses the same rules as regular poker. This can be easily played if you understand the basics of poker well.


Types of ways to play poker

In playing poker, players can choose how to play poker. There are two methods of playing poker as follows:


cash game: is a poker game that requires cash to bet. (Poker chips) in which this type of poker does not have a fixed playing time. This allows players to play for as long as they want until they know the outcome of the game. Which will be timed or not depends on the betting rules set. Poker has a minimum and maximum amount of money to be wagered on the table, including the blind price, which is to be agreed upon before wagering.


Tournament: is a competitive poker game. To find a winner until only one person left can eat all the other chips by playing this type of poker, the registration fee is charged. to exchange chips for entering the competition And there will be a time of playing clearly. Including possibly adding different rules, which will be paid according to the ranking of the contestants in the game.