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Person in the K King card

another historically important card symbol that many people would like to have three cards in their hand in baccarat or other card games. Which has a point that defeats the dealer in 3 cards and receives the TV property multiplied by a number of times, that is, the King K card that has the history of the person on the face of these 4 cards, namely King of Spades, King of Clubs, King of Hearts and King diamond rice How will it be recounted and recorded in history?

K King of the Spades: King David (King of virtue and talent in poetry and music)

King David was a virtuous man. overflowing with poetic and musical talent He was the second king of the kingdom of Israel. Known for his virtuous and talented military man, he was both a musician and a poet. (It is believed that He was the author of many Psalms). Book of Samuel, Volume 1 in the Old Testament from chapter 16 onwards and the Book of Chronicles. is an important person in abraham religion

In Judaism, he is the Great, the true First King. Collector of the Houses of Israel
In Christianity, Jesus is descended from King David.
In Islam, Nabi Dawud is the messenger of Allah

K King Dawg : Alexander the Great. (The greatest king of ancient times who built the city of Alexandria)

King Alexander the Great In ancient times, he was the greatest. Build the city of Alexandria and was the creator of the greatest empire in history. He was a Greek king from Macedonia. and made the most famous of the Argyd dynasty He was born in Pella. Northern Macedonia in 356 BC received a traditional Greek education under the direction of the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle and succeeded Philip II. Sidonia in 336 BC, after his father was assassinated, 13 years later King Alexander died. He was only 32 years old, although Alexander’s throne and empire only lasted a short time. But the effects of his conquest continued for centuries. Alexander was considered one of the most famous men in the ancient world.

K King of Hearts : King Charlemagne (Holy Roman Emperor)

King Charlemagne He was the King of the Frankish Kingdom or Ancient France (Holy Roman Emperor. Considered one of the greatest emperors in medieval Europe)

year 1311 until his death. He made the Frankish Empire unified and prosperous.
In 1343 he crowned Pope Leo III’s emperor, Charlemagne, known as “Emperor of the Romans” (Emperor of The Romans)

K King Diamond: King Julius Caesar (the man who established himself to rule Rome)

King Julius Caesar was a statesman in history, he established himself. Ruled Rome and made the Roman Empire famous. prosperous It is known to the world until today.

Julius created the great “Caesar” name. And is the prototype name of 12 later Roman kings,
Shah of Iran or Tsar of Russia or Kaiser of Germany, derived from the word “Caesar” and has inherited these names to the present day

in King K cards. All four of them are the most glorious and greatest kings. Among the courage and ability to rule the kingdom in peace and prosperity in the ancient times. which is very worthy of being a symbol to be known all over the world It’s not just the symbols on the cards. But there are still several records. Some of the information may be slightly different. But overall, the four kings are the greatest heroes of the modern world. And there are also queen cards that are interesting in the four kings that are very beautiful. Follow in the next article.