M-commerce new business channels via mobile

economic changes into the digital era, or known as the Digital Economy, with an online system, the Internet, as a trendsetter to drive the economy today. causing many business developments, including the various body of knowledge easily accessible including various working processes that have developed rapidly, such as the M-commerce system that will be shared today

M-commerce is classified as an electronic commerce system (E-commerce) or buying, selling, and conducting financial transactions. through the Internet, where M-commerce or Mobile commerce is a branch business expansion via mobile phone the so-called expanding most rapidly at this time, Therefore, it is a catalyst for more business growth rates. M-commerce is now a fast-growing business channel around the world and is of interest to both service users And business service providers

statistics in 2014, the best-selling products in the online world (news data from the BBC) found that 50.5% were clothes ordered online, followed by household appliances. and purchasing activities (activities) on holidays via an online system Most of the service is paid by credit card. Through online systems up to 87%

Top 10 best sellers in the online world

  • 50.5% clothes
  • 42% consumer goods or household items
  • 37% holiday activities
  • 37% travel plans
  • 36% concert tickets or shows
  • 32% of movies and music online
  • 32% online books and magazines
  • 25.5% electronics
  • 23.5% food and food
  • 15.3% online games

various service users Through the online system on mobile phones, both buying or selling with a greater number of them, because the current telephone system and the service provider’s internet signal Expand the service area to cover almost every area. and also has increased stability Make it wherever you are in the world. You will then be able to upgrade the product to sell. or view product information to order easily and quickly In addition, the payment system via credit card. Or banking transactions via mobile apps are safe. and more reliable It makes buying-selling easier and doesn’t take much time. It was developed to be easy to carry and there are various apps that motivate more people to use this channel. thus contributing to M-commerce that can be said to grow by leaps and bounds