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Collapse baccarat tables

Collapse multiple baccarat tables at once. How to do it?

Let’s see here Hello friends, all online baccarat hunters. Now we will take you to collapse many tables at once. It can be called another technique. That is unusual and can be considered cool. Because playing like this is very important to making profits. Our technique is to play at a time, several tables, many rooms, play in any room and then we stab and lose, we will immediately leave that table.

The first stick we will go down to the blue side first, where we will stab at the bet of 10,000 baht. It can be said that we will play hard like this. If we bet wrong, lose from the first stick, we will stop playing immediately as well. But we will focus And prepare the funds for about 7 to 8 sticks only, will not play more than that But when we stabbed the first stick, we stabbed up immediately from the first stick. It can be called a positive bet that only 1 point can be won, it is considered quite narrow.

We have already made a positive bet at 10,000 baht, and then we look at the cards that are in this room and it’s a 2 cut card layout. Because we are still betting positive, we haven’t moved the room anywhere. We continue to play in this room. Where the card layout of 2 cuts will be like this, red, red, blue, red, red, blue, like this. Therefore, the next turn that we will bet on must go down to the red side. Of course, we will make more money in this eye at 2 ten thousand baht

We played together hard. This is it, friends. who read the article of casino games and are interested in playing along And the result of the cards that come out in this turn is We bet positive again. It can be called the second tree. We have already made a profit. If playing like this, it is recommended that you quit playing. Because our profit is at least at 30,000 baht, it is considered quite a lot

. play hard like this I recommend that you don’t stay in the game for a long time. You can leave. Hurry up. You can withdraw immediately. But because we teach about online baccarat techniques, we will point out. Let’s continue the game for us to see how it has to be done, how to get it, how to lose it, how to fix the game. We stabbed to the red side, another stick because we will continue to collapse at this table because we are still positive. Then the result of the cards that come out is that We bet positive again like this, we can stop playing immediately.