Long Stay Visa (National Visa)

For a stay longer than 90 days, the visa application is through the destination airport.

In some countries, there are special requirements for Thai tourists. That is to apply for a visa at the destination airport or Visa on Arrival. You do not need to apply for any visa in Thailand first. Then when you arrive at the destination airport, you can apply for a visa stamp in the airport. However, Visa on Arrival is also different from the free visa because Visa on Arrival still has to fill out the visa application form in full. model And there is also a visa application fee. For countries that do not require a visa, just submit your passport through immigration and you’re done.

Therefore, before applying for a visa You need to study the visa conditions of the country you are traveling to before each time. to follow the procedures set by each country And even if you travel to the same country again It must be studied how to get a new visa. The country you will visit again may change the way each year as well.

Documents required for visa application

  1. Visa Application Form– Important documents that you will need to fill out either through paperwork or online. Each country’s form requires different details. But mostly it’s personal information. Purpose and travel time work information And your family
  2. passport– all countries where a visa is required to use the latest issue of the passport. Have more than 6 months of remaining validity and at least one blank page for visa reimbursement. In addition, some countries may request to verify all old passports and travel history in the form of stamps that you have received
  3. Front-facing photographs– another important piece of evidence that each country needs But there are different specifications for the size and position of the face on the photo. But every country requires a recent photograph that is no older than 6 months.
  4. Financial evidence– required in many countries be it Europe, America, or Australia. You must provide proof of income source. work certificate salary slip including account statements That shows that you have enough potential to spend while staying in their country. or has a sponsor, must show evidence of the sponsor instead But the financial proof in some countries is not required.
  5. Other travel documents– such as airfares, accommodation bookings, travel plans, and other evidence showing that you have exactly the objectives shown on the visa screen. and will reside in his country only for a specified time.

In addition to the documents mentioned above Each country has different requirements for additional supporting documentation. For example, some countries require travel insurance. Some countries require evidence of a health check. Please consult the required documents carefully before submitting your visa application. because just prepare all the documents You’ve already won half the battle.

Tips for applying for a visa

The most important advice for applying for a visa Because if you don’t prepare all the documents required by the country, you may be denied a วีซ่าอยู่ไทยถาวร before they check your background. Therefore, prepare all supporting documents for consideration as requested, do not miss out. Because the embassy will not contact you for additional documents that are missing from you later. And some visa application centers may charge additional fees if you want them to check the completeness of your documents!